Casual Wear

The casual wear of Cruz Azul's Olympians and what it says about them on and off the field: 

From the left to right:

Nestor Araujo: A stylish look for Nestor. While ready for team photographs, he has strategized with a day-to-night wardrobe, ready to hit the flashy nightclubs of Mexico City. Like many of the people in these establishments (a bunch of fresas), Araujo doesn't have to worry about waking up early for work because he will likely just be sitting on the bench. Despite being a regular fixture with the national youth squads, his recent play hasn't warranted inclusion with the Cruz Azul first team.

Javier Aquino: I love the guy, but he likely picks up the majority of his clothing from the boys' department. Recently it was confirmed that he has received interest from some Italian clubs. If he does make the move, he won't need to update his wardrobe, as he will fit in well in Italy. With Aquino's speed on the wings he tends to draw a lot of fouls and thus often needs to sell the contact. The Aquino Flop is a thing of beauty and extremely effective. His flops extend outside of the field as his vest attests to: the fashion flop.

Jesus Corona: The perfect match. I can't really imagine Corona wearing anything other than flannel. Also, wouldn't be surprised if he has a side job working construction. He’s hard; His lunch pail and hardhat are likely just out of view of the shot.