The One-Liner Week Three Previews

Friday, August 7:


Veracruz vs Chiapas: A real Clasico in its own right … just needs the name. Clasico Tabasco? Clasico Humedo? It will come.  Veracruz 2-2 Chiapas

Santos vs Tijuana: Going to be awkward when the Xolos flight leaves before Ruben Omar Romano boards. Santos 3-1 Tijuana


Saturday, August 8:


Cruz Azul vs Leon: The only question in this match is when Torrado gets the red card. Cruz Azul 0 – 2 Leon

Pachuca vs America:  Pobre, Nacho. Pachuca 2-1 America

Atlas vs Monterrey: Matosas and his indifferent defense hosting a rested Mohamed team. Xolos defeat Leon. Atlas 1-3 Monterrey

Dorados vs Queretaro: In your typical fish/rooster battles, the home turf makes all the difference. Dorados 1-0 Queretaro


Sunday, August 9:


Toluca vs Morelia: Someone please remind Morelia that they are Morelia. Toluca, we’re looking at you. Toluca 3-0 Morelia

Puebla vs Pumas: To instill confidence in the under-talented or underperforming … no thanks. Hedge. Puebla 1-1 Pumas

Tigres vs Chivas: It’s a good time to get Tigres … for any team but Chivas that is. Tigres 2-0 Chivas





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