Torta Tuesday: Jornada 6, Apertura 2012

Torta ... a word with so many meanings. In Mexico, however, the word is almost always referring to a big, hot sandwich. This weekly column will mash together results of the previous week with some things to look forward to in the upcoming week. Hopefully enough condiments will be added to make this more of the 'muy rico' variety and not just 'gigante'. 

What's happening: Jornada 6 Results and Table:

Chiapas   2 - 1  Queretaro ... Chiapas gets their first win. Queretaro do this for a lot of teams. 

Leon        1 - 3  Morelia ... Ouch. So much for Leon being unbeatable at home. 

America   0 - 1  Tijuana ... Generous penalty for Club America in Fergie Time, but Chucho Benitez pulls a 'Sergio Ramos'. 

Tigres      1 - 1  Toluca ... Tigres ends the win streak for Toluca, but an away draw to Tigres is still pretty impressive.

Pachuca   0 - 0  Santos ... Nothing happened. 

Puebla     1 - 0  San Luis ... It's a little sad when a home win against San Luis is huge. But this was huge.

Pumas     0 - 1  Cruz Azul ... Cruz Azul now 3-0 on the road. (San Luis, Puebla, and Pumas ... but still)

Chivas     1 - 2  Monterrey ... Chivas took a 1-0 lead in to halftime. Is that worth something? 

Atlante    1 - 0  Atlas ... Fairly even match, except of course for the goal. 

Who's the big winner?: Guillermo Vasquez

At the conclusion of last season, Vasquez, then as Pumas manager, began to publically show his frustration with Pumas management and their unwillingness to loosen the purse strings to make new acquisitions. Instead of relenting to his demands and signing new players, Pumas let Vasquez go. Within a matter of weeks of his release, Pumas went on a spending spree buying up proven talent from around the league. Vasquez surely had to feel slighted even after he signed on to become Cruz Azul's new manager. So, when Cruz Azul visited Estadio Olimpico on Sunday, Vasquez had plenty of reasons to come out with the three points. Not only did Cruz Azul capture the victory, but Pumas manager and Vasquez's replacement, Joaquin del Omo was fired. Not a bad weekend for Vasquez. 

Goal of the Week: Cristian Pellerano, Tijuana

With all respect to the pair of wonderstrikes that Monterrey's Humberto Suazo unleashed this weekend, he will likely be appearing in this column at some other point. This week's winner, Cristian Pellerano scored the lone goal in Tijuana's win over America. And it was quite the strike. Pellerano ripped a screamer off the volley from about thirty yards out in to the corner of the net. It's hard to blame Gonzalez, America's temporary keeper, for being a little slow to get to the ball. That blast was a little unexpected. 

Ain't Got Time to Bleed: Atlas

Atlas are coming off a disappointing away loss to Atlante. Every point is needed to give them more breathing room in the relegation table. This week they lost their manager, Juan Carlos Chavez. Chavez has done a lot with very little for some time now. There will be no respite for Atlas as they will be heading to the Tec this weekend to face Monterrey. Good luck with that. 

Stop Eating My Sesame Cake: Puebla

Sick of getting stepped on and needing points badly, Puebla stepped up and secured their first win at home against San Luis. While this is no major feat (San Luis are still winless), it could be a step in the postive direction for a club that could use any postive result and momentum. 

Predictions: Jornada 7 Schedule and Predictions

Friday, August 31

8:30 ET - Tijuana v Chiapas ... Tijuana doesn't score a ton of goals, but Chiapas loves to allow them. 2-2 draw.

10:30 ET - Morelia v Pumas ... Pumas have a lot to figure out. I doubt they will fix their form against Morelia. 2-0 win to the Monarcas. 

Saturday, September 1

6:00 ET - Cruz Azul v Pachuca ... Cruz Azul has drawn in each of their first three home matches. I'm sticking with the trend. 0-0 draw.

6:00 ET - Queretaro v Atlante ... I have no faith in Atlante on the road, but Queretaro is all kinds of terrible. Atlante win 2-1. 

8:00 ET - Monterrey v Atlas ... As alluded to earlier, Atlas will have rough time with this one. Monterrey win 1-0.

8:00 ET - Santos v Tigres ... Two teams that aren't playing their best right now, but a midweek trip to Toronto for Santos gives the edge to Tigres. Tigres win 2-1.

10:00 ET - San Luis v Leon ... Leon should rebound from their tough loss to Morelia last week. Well, maybe not. 1-1 draw.

Sunday, September 2

1:00 ET - Toluca v America ... I think Toluca keeps the improbable run going. I have no reasons for this. Toluca wins 3-2.

6:00 ET - Chivas v Puebla ... Chivas play only one quality half (as they have done every week), but it's enought to beat Puebla. Chivas win 3-1. 




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