Winners, Losers, and Lost: Week 4 - A14

Each week this column will look back at the results from the weekend in Liga MX. It will heap praise on the Big Winner, lament for the Big Loser, and ridicule something that appears to be Completely Lost based on the weekend's action.   

The Big Winners: Veracruz

I don't know how much of Veracruz you've watched this season. If you have yet to catch one of their matches, I suggest you keep it that way. The Tiburones Rojos have followed a mediocre showing in their first year back in the top division with some real Ascenso-level play to start this season. A struggle to avoid heading back that way seemed to be in the cards.

The struggle would apparently not be helped on Friday night. After just six minutes, a Dorlan Pabon strike put the Rayados in the lead. Monterrey went on to dominate the ball and collect numerous scoring opportunities. This game was over.

Yet, it didn't play out to form. Monterrey never found a way to get one of their many chances in the net again. Veracruz held out tenuously, and the score remained the same through the seventy-fifth minute. Then the craziness began. Veracruz went on to score twice in the final fifteen minutes of the match to not only avoid defeat but get a huge win for the team.

Veracruz move into a five-way tie for seventh place in the league, but more importantly have a much better position in the table that may just keep them in Liga MX.

The Big Losers: Chivas

I suppose the good feelings were only going to last so long in Guadalajara. It just looked so bright there in that fleeting instant. The start got the fans excited once again. It caused overly anxious bloggers to write gushing articles prematurely. Carlos Bustos seemed to have figured something out. They started well enough and didn't embarrass themselves against Bayern Munich.

They did embarrass themselves in the Estadio Hidalgo on Saturday. A three goal loss to Pachuca ended the good will that was built in the early goings. A single loss in the early going of a season isn't normally devastating. The manner of certain losses can be harmful, as this one may turn out to be. Chivas can't score. Their only two goals this season came from Fernando Arce free kicks. While the three goals conceded to Pachuca alluded to the defensive lapses in the Chivas defense, the zero on the scoreboard further illuminates the issues. Goals are much too hard to come by for Guadalajara. As Tom Marshall points out, Chivas has just 29 goals in their last 34 league matches. Not the stuff of greatness. Despite frequent reinforcements to the forward position and young talent coming through, Chivas has yet to find the key to unlocking the safe vault that apparently resides in front of their opponent's net.

Completely Lost: Monarcas

It's stupid to write off any team completely after just four games. Yet, that is exactly what I'm doing. Morelia is a total mess. This team is clearly missing its stars in Leao and Montero and has no comparables.

Their match this week with Tijuana wasn't a total disaster. They had chances to score; they just didn't. Again. Through 360 minutes this season, Monarcas have yet to notch a goal. As it turns out you can't win if you don't score. Morelia don't look likely to win many (if any) games this season. They are completely disjointed and lacking in any obvious strength.

With their ownership group's recent acquisition of Atlas, one has to wonder if Monarcas are becoming the ignored step-child in that relationship. Their new signings aren't matching their departures while quite the opposite is happening with the Guadalajara club.

Morelia will win a few games this season. There is just no hopes of getting back to an enviable position. This season is lost.

** photo is used under a creative commons license from Asher Isbrucker



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