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Hexagonal Schedule

CONCACAF held the draw for the Hexagonal phase of World Cup Qualifying today. Here is Mexico's schedule with home games in bold:

Jamaica - February 6, 2013

at Honduras - March 22, 2013

USA - March 26, 2013

at Jamaica - June 4, 2013

at Panama - June 7, 2013

Costa Rica - June 11, 2013

Honduras - September 6, 2013

at USA - Septemer 10, 2013

Panama - October 11, 2013

at Costa Rica - October 15, 2013

National Teams & Redefining Rivalries

(Check out more from the artist of this fantastic illustration here.) 

The Costa Rica Conundrum

Article about Mexico's victories over Costa Rica and the lingering problems that persist.  Posted at FMF State of Mind. 

A Promising Work in Progress


Should I Stay or Should I Go

Does a player stick to the domestic game or travel overseas for a chance at something bigger?  The repercussions of this decision will likely affect the length, net earnings, and success of their career. Should they commit or should they go?

Solid Gold

Success in team sports can be attributed to many things. One of the most redeeming ways in which teams win is when they find a way to come together and play as a true team. If a group of individuals can come together as a collective unit to execute a single plan of execution, something beautiful can transpire. Saturday’s gold medal match was a great display of two teams on the opposite end of this spectrum.  Mexico played a great game that exemplified team play and hard work, Brazil ... not so much.

Game of Golazos

This afternoon Wembley was host to a match between two teams fighting to reach the finals of a major tournament. The match featured two teams struggling to advance by playing enjoyable, attacking football. Needless to say, although hosting, England wasn’t involved in this one. Mexico entered today’s semifinal having scored the most goals in the Olympic competition. Japan had not allowed a single goal through their four matches. This made for an interesting clash and led to some amazing goals.
Japan opened the scoring in the 12th minute.

Disparate backs, Equitable Returns

Article about the rise of Jorge Torres Nilo and Severo Meza on FMF State of Mind

Careers in the Balance

Assuming the role of national team coach comes with great peril. It puts managers in a position where they are representing an entire country in competition that often transcends mere sport. The manager has a chance to attain a legendary status that can have lasting effects on their career, legacy and even on the direction of football in their country. However, an abyss filled with fiery despair sits between accepting the position and this glory.

The Keeper Stands Alone

Goalkeepers draw both praise and ire in abundance. They stand isolated in a position of power and pressure. A solitary position such as this allows critics to more easily pick out flaws or possibly greatness. The best keepers and the worst are spotted readily. However, what separates one quality keeper from another? How do we know which goalkeeper is stronger when there is more than one with extreme talent? Or more pointedly, for Mexico at least, how do you separate out four great goalkeepers from each other?


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