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Ten minutes in to watching tonight's Chiapas and Toluca match on a DVR tape delay and I am already full of regret.  This is some pure ugliness.


See Exhibit A:  

More than 1/3 in ... Cruz Azul still playing only 1/2

Another Cruz Azul home game, another 2-1 victory.  While this brings Azul to 3-2-1 on the season, with all the wins coming at home (all 2-1 victories), there is a great deal of doubt as to where this season is headed.

La Maquina, or the machine ... as Cruz Azul is readily called, seem to only operate for 45 minutes, while running on fumes for the other half.  

Misguidance, Malinchismo, or Moppy Hair Adoration

Waldo Ponce
While stuck in Mexico City traffic yesterday, and by this I mean something akin to Dante's seventh circle, I started some idol conversation with the taxi driver.  Due to a limited Spanish vocabulary, I stuck to what I knew and asked him about this soccer preferences.  Turns out he was a Chivas fan. I assumed he was originally from Guadalajara, but it turns out he was born and raised here in Mexico City. He explained that he was a fan of Chivas because they were a "real" Mexican club.  In essence, all of the Chivas players were Mexican.     

Non-Corona: His Name is His Name

A two minute performance of ineptitude that guarantees he will forever be called Non-Corona

Non-Corona, non-disaster

Estadio Azul after the final whistle
It's hard to say what happened for the first twenty minutes of this match.  The weather decided to test the resolve of the Cruz Azul fans on Saturday night.  If you were willing to sit through the most ridiculously vicious rain, you were able to see these first twenty minutes.  Partially out of stupidity and partially out of laziness, I endured and remained behind with the truly faithful.  Despite this, I really can't tell you much about what actually occurred during this time.  My eyes were either flooded with water or tears ... probably a mix of both. 

Beginnings ...

Chaco Giminez
I could write about my first Mexican League match (Cruz Azul v Morelia, first leg of playoff semifinal) , in great detail, but I'd much rather write about my experience of attending my first Mexican football match.


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