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Missing Persons Alert

ALERT! There is somebody missing in Liga MX, and I think it’s very important that we find this individual                  

My Gut feelings – Predictions of The Jornada 10

Yes, yes it’s the weekend that means the next Jornada is upon us. It's time to wipe those tears from the last week and focus on the Liga Bancomer MX.  Who’s going to take the points this week? Who’s going to rise in the Tabla General? We’ll I’m going to give my predictions for this week hopefully I’m right because… I love being right!

Querétaro vs. Atlante

Prediction: Club Queretaro         

Liga MX Weekly Walkabout: Sept. 10, 2013

Torta Tuesday was slain and laid to waste six months ago. It has been stewing under the surface but is now finally arisen. Like a phoenix plowing up through the ashes, the Weekly Walkabout arrives to fill in the void. A different animal than when it left this earth, it does appear to be a stronger one(or at least one with more ridiculous comparisons to make).

Salimos DF

With any move, there are welcome additions and things that will be missed. The new location might deliver better weather or a shorter commute, but perhaps it doesn’t t have the same charms that have become part of the everyday in the old locale. I find that often, the most unexpected things end up being felt the most during change or loss.   There are big things like friends and family that you may be leaving behind, but it is often your spot at the corner bar or your favorite taco guy (or cochinita place) that will leave you reminiscing.

The Tuneros of Chiapas

I find myself in a unique position. I’ve now been in attendance for two of Chiapas’s three matches this season. I state this fact in no sort of proud or boastful way, for this is clearly not something that can garner envious feelings. This feat puts me in company with at most a handful of people not employed by the team. The majority of this lucky group probably shares apellidos with the men on the field. Hence, I feel like I have a good understanding of the team at this point.


There's nothing quite like attempting to predict the unpredictable. Trying to pin down the directon in which Liga MX teams are headed could be a painful task. But we did it anyway because we're a little crazy like that. 

Trading Places: A Preview (of sorts) of the Apertura 2013 Season

If Mexican league fans learned anything this year, it’s that everything has a price. We are more than used to jerseys smattered with more sponsors than a race car. However this summer took it to another level. We saw a rash of clubs being scooped up by other cities for coveted top flight position and the league receiving a ridiculous branding stamp right over its recently christened name. 

El DF Final

Finals are always big. They gain momentum when they've followed a fascinating playoff slate. They grow still larger when two teams with national support and plenty of history face off. When those teams are neighbors, rivals, two of the "Big Four" and desperately searching for another title the final becomes colossal.

Standing on the Edge


The Fallen Four



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