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Game of the Week: Cruz Azul v Tigres

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Torta Tuesday, Week 1, Clausura 2013

Torta Tuesday makes its dramatic return for the Liga MX Clausura 2013 season. For those uninitiated in the sandwich arts, the torta is a giant Mexican work of wonder. This column, inspired by the torta, sandwiches together recaps of the previous week's matches with previews of the following week's games. In between these, is a delicious concoction that will vary from week to week but will be tied to movie clips that vaguely (at best) relate to something interesting in the weekend's action. Check back every Tuesday to keep up with Liga MX and the varying flavor profiles. Buen provecho.

Torta Tuesday: Jornada 15, Apertura 2012

This torta stand is normally parked near Estadio Azul. It's a bit beat up like the team that plays across the street. Yet after Saturday, everything associated with Cruz Azul has a distinct glow to it.  

When it rains, it pours

Heading into halftime of last night's Copa Libertadores match at Estadio Azul, things got interesting. The visiting team, Libertad of Paraguay, was heading in to the locker rooms. Unfortunately, for them, they were down a goal and were now targets. Normally, giant inflatable train-shaped tunnels escort the players, coaches, and referees into the locker rooms. For Copa Libertadores matches the tunnels are gone and the air filled security blanket is missing. The fans acknowledged this and rained the Paraguayan squad with beer cups, pizza boxes, and free game programs. Just one hour later the crowd would repeat this same ritual, but the targets were no longer the visitors. The target had now become Cruz Azul's manager, Enrique Meza. 

Autopsy Azul


A Team that Leads with their Heads

Every coach approaches training sessions in a different manner. Some prefer to simulate game situations to recreate the feel of the game. Some coaches really focus on the physical component and building endurance. It's also common for some coaches to spend much of their training time in front of the 'chalkboard' focusing on tactics. Enrique Meza and Cruz Azul take a different approach. They spend a good part of training focusing on head butting. 

Three Points in Three Minutes

Article on FMF State of Mind: Three Points in Three Minutes

Just when you have it all figured out ...

"The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist. And like that, poof. He's gone." 

Kevin Spacey as Verbal Kint in The Usual Suspects convinced us that he truly was scared of Keyser Soze. And it made sense. This, possibly fictional, character was the epitome of evil. Surely, he would look the part as well. When the chatty nuisance that was Verbal finally revealed himself to be Keyser Soze, everything we thought we knew about this character was flipped upside down. 

Bizarro Santander World

I made it to two Cruz Azul matches this week. Pumas visited on Saturday afternoon for the inner-city rivalry match and Deportivo Táchira of Venezuela paid a visit to Estadio Azul on Tuesday night for a group stage matchup in the Copa Libertadores. Counting these two visiting teams, I've seen four unique squads in person in the span of four days.


Omar Comin'

The call that rang out through the semi-fictional streets of Baltimore carried a great deal of meaning. Omar's arrival meant that someone was likely about to lose wads of cash. A different Omar arrived at Cruz Azul this winter. The weight of his arrival has yet to be determined.


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