The Big Four

No matter the league or nation, everywhere there are the marquee teams. These are the teams that are lightning rods for intrigue and fan attention, both positive and negative. Whether they are on the road to another championship, floundering desperately, or just floating along mid-table they will be discussed and dissected. The Los Angeles Lakers and Dallas Cowboys will always get extra attention, whether their play warrants it or not. In Spain, it will always be Real Madrid and Barcelona, even if one inexplicably takes a dive. England has their ‘Big Four’, but they don’t always play very big.

These anointments come from long, sustained successes and tradition. Trophies must have been present and plenty of them to be more precise. That is all where it starts. It is then carried on by the swelling fan base, long through any bumps in the road or slumps in form. More people are interested in the fate of these teams on the whole, and the media wisely follows suit.

Mexico’s ‘big four’ (Club America, Chivas, Cruz Azul, and Pumas) are not head and shoulders above the rest of the league. There are clubs with more money, more talent, and better prospects. Yet, these teams will continue to drive the barometer of the league. Their fates are intertwined with Mexican soccer for the foreseeable future … whether we like it or not.

This section is unapologetically devoted to Mexico’s ‘Big Four’ with an emphasis on fan perspective. After all, the large fan bases and their larger expectations are what keep these teams in the spotlight.

The Big Four: Cruz Azul, May 15, 2013

All of the familiar symptoms were there. Cruz Azul displayed signs of their usual Liguilla weakness throughout their quarterfinal match-up with Morelia. The symptoms just never manifested in to the full-blown sickness.

The Big Four: Club America, May 14, 2012

As a teenager and still to this day I love roller coasters, in spite of the fact that I am terrified of heights. That scary feeling of excitement you feel as the roller coaster rises and rises before the big drop; that is what I, as an Americanista, feel today.

There's excitement for the fact that we are in a semifinal, two games away from the final. We're only four games away from possibly lifting the championship trophy. But it is that same scary excitement because America has been here before in the recent past and not been able to make it pass this very round.

The Big Four: Chivas, May 2, 2013

I’m just a disappointed fan. Just when I really thought it couldn’t get worse, here comes Chivas to ruin another Sunday home game. Going into the match, we knew Chivas had absolutely no chance in qualifying to the Liguilla. We also knew that Queretaro had punched its one way ticket to the Liga de Ascenso. With that in mind, this game was just a “friendly” match. Both teams had absolutely nothing to fight for but to simply give their fans a little satisfaction.

The Big Four: Pumas, April 29, 2013

Last week, I talked about how the Pumas had full control of their destiny in regards to securing a liguilla position. On Sunday afternoon, they backed up those words with a dominant performance against Jaguares de Chiapas and now officially have a spot in this year’s playoffs. Where they will be seeded however, will be decided in the final week of the Liga MX Clausura.

The Big Four: Club America, April 26, 2012

I’ll start by introducing myself just like my “The Big Four” counterparts. I am Jonny Rico (@jonyrico on Twitter) and I’ve been a life-long Club America fan. Growing up in the 90s I had to endure the 13 year drought; it wasn’t until I was 17 in 2002 when I was able to celebrate my first league title. I have since celebrated one more in 2005, but in spite of the few championships I have been able to live. My heart remains loyal to the best team in Mexico.

The Big Four: Cruz Azul, April 24, 2013

“The mind moves matter” … Virgil, Aeneid

I’m naturally predisposed to dismissing the mental side of the game. The team that ‘wants it more’ doesn’t always win. One team being ‘more ready to play’ is generally a throw-away line to explain the unexplainable. I assume that the majority of professional athletes are always trying their hardest to put out their best effort. The team that wins most often will be the one with the better athletes and the more complete cohesion as a unit.

The Big Four: Chivas, April 23, 2013

As a first time writer on Soccer Mexicana, I will begin by introducing myself. My name is Roberto Macias, but on here or on Twitter I go by DonTical_futbol. How did I come up with that name? My devotion for hip-hop music growing up and my love for the beautiful game mixed together to create the name. I am a fan of el Rebaño Sagrado, also known as Las Chivas de Guadalajara. On Twitter I try to stay neutral, sometimes my passion takes over and can’t help my love for my team.

The Big Four: Pumas, April 22, 2013

With this being my first post for Soccer Mexicana, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Stephen Eastepp and I go by the name “Ordinary Orange Fan” in the soccer writing community. Now your first question might be what does orange have to do with the beautiful combination that blue and gold make? Well, nothing I guess. My affection with the color orange stems from my home team, an MLS soccer club – the Houston Dynamo.

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